SACRED loose incense

  • SACRED loose incense
  • SACRED loose incense

A hand crafted loose incense blend that has a base of Cedar, Sage and Rose with hints of Palo Santo, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Copal and Frankincense resins.

you will receive 1 jar of incense and a pack of charcoal discs for burning.

to use: in a fire proof vessel such as ceramic or brass, place salt or sand on bottom, this acts as a heat insulator. Next, add a charcoal disc. then light disc, this may take a few moments to ignite, once it sparkles across disc, wait a few seconds for disc to get hot. then sprinkle a small amount of loose incense atop & enjoy. Continue to add little amounts of incense as needed.

be sure to crack a window when burning incense.


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